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Best Tally Course for budding accounting professionals

What is the Tally Course? Well, it is a course in high demand as lakhs of students pass out with a Commerce degree every year. The Tally GST course helps students become job-ready and to get placed in the best companies where they can earn good salaries. About thousands of jobs are rolled out almost every month where expertise in this tool is the prime requirement.

This LearnVern covers all topics of academic and industrial use. The complete understanding of topics like GST, multi-currency in Tally, banking transactions, Tax Calculation in Tally, record of purchases, billing and sales, Multi Currency in Tally etc. can help the students become career-ready.

What are the major job roles related to the Course and salary data?

LearnVern’s course is best-suited for job aspirants and the entrepreneurs who want to start their accounting firm. This online course from LearnVern prepares you for the following jobs; annual salary data is as below:

  • Accounting Clerk: up to 5 lakhs
  • Accounts Executive: up to 3 lakhs
  • Tally Operator: up to 4 lakhs
  • Tax Accountant: up to 3.6 lakhs
  • Data Entry Operator: up to 3 lakhs

If you need any help for cracking the interview questions or to enhance the accounting skills, you can join this online course at LearnVern. It helps you become eligible for high-paying jobs and to uplift the career in finance and accounting. Those who aim to start an independent accounting outsourcing firm can also benefit from this course.

Introduction to Tally in Hindi

LearnVern offers a detailed course to accommodate learning needs of Hindi Medium students. The LearnVern course comprises a comprehensive tutorial that covers a lot of topics, such as:

  • GST number structure
  • HSN codes and tax rates
  • Interest calculation
  • ITC adjustment
  • Banking Transaction in Tally
  • Record of purchases and sales of goods and services
  • Payroll management, and many more.

Who should be taking the Online Tally Course in Hindi at LearnVern?

LearnVern offers a comprehensive Tally GST Course in Hindi to help learners enhance their understanding of accounting principles and practice. This course can meet the learning requirements of aspirants of various jobs in the accounting field. The best-suited profiles for this course are:

  • Data entry operators
  • Accountants
  • Anyone with a commerce background
  • Business Owners

Gain expertise on all topics of accounting with this course and acquire time-relevant skills.

Why is this Online Tally Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The LearnVern course proves quite beneficial in learning accounting skills needed for a career in academics or industrial use. It comprises topics that are important for academic career, that is, to work as a lecturer or a trainer, which are:

  • Understanding about GST
  • HSN Codes and Tax Rates
  • GST Number Structure
  • ITC Adjustment & ITC Set-Off
  • Determination of Tax on various Products
  • Interest Calculation
  • Multi-Currency

The other topics important for professionals striving to work in industries are part of Tally Prime:

  • Generating GST Reports
  • ITC Adjustment
  • Banking Transaction & Cheque Printing
  • Record Purchase of Goods and Services
  • Record Sales of Goods and Services
  • Payroll Management
  • MIS Report

Most importantly, such a detailed course is available in self-paced manner at LearnVern. So, students can pick the topics and learn them at their chosen pace, and complete courses as per their schedules.


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  • 90h 55m Duration
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